d100 Magical Trinkets and Relics

Sly Flourish has a great article on the use of what he calls ‘relics’ in a D&D game. Essentially, relics are mundane objects imbued with magical power. These can be anything from coins, shoes, gems, jewelry, and other trinkets. Often they are infused with a single spell while also being identifiable and usable by anyone. I usually have any magic users be able to detect that the item is magical and then spend a short rest to identify the properties it has. Once the spell or its charges have been used the item loses the energy and is no longer magical.

I use two categories for relics in my games: Limited Use, or Permanent. Limited Use Relics are either one-time use or only a few charges. These tend to be more powerful spells but since they only get a couple uses out of it, they shouldn’t break your game. Permanent Relics are usually low-level spells or cantrips that can be used once or a few times per day. I try to include one or two relics in each pile of treasure they find. This way they can get fun magic items more often than once per tier and keep the players from being overpowered. Relics are also a great way to feed lore of the world to your players. How exactly did a (63) celestial thorny rose of guiding bolt get into the dungeon anyways? Or how did the NPC come across a (19) pocket watch that runs backward and will cast time stop once? Lastly, they can help round out any missing roles in the adventuring party. 

Items 1 – 50 are Limited Use, and 51 – 100 are Permanent relics. 

If you wish to create a gp value I recommend 50 gp per spell level + 1d10%.

Feel free to alter any of the details as you see fit. 

PHB – Player’s Handbook

XGE – Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

SCC – Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos

TCE – Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

FTD – Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons

EGW – Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount

AI – Acquisitions Incorporated

MPMM – Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse

Magic Trinkets and Relics

Limited Use

  1. gold tooth that casts Cure Wounds (4th level, one time;  PHB 230)
  2. ancient elven coin that casts Fog Cloud (2nd level, one time; PHB 243)
  3. carved ivory statuette that casts Flame Arrows (3rd level, one time; XGE 156)
  4. box of turquoise turtles that casts Slow, once for each turtle (3rd level, 1d4 times; PHB 277)
  5. ancient arrow of elven design that casts Melf’s Acid Arrow (2nd level, one time; PHB 259)
  6. brass orb etched with strange runes that casts Lightning Bolt (3rd level, one time; PHB 255)
  7. obsidian abyssal sphere that casts Flame Strike (5th level, one time; PHB 242)
  8. shadowed bell that casts Shatter when struck and crumbles into dust (2nd level, one time; PHB 275)
  9. silvered candle that casts Scorching Ray when lit (2nd level, 1d6 uses left; PHB 273) 
  10. ethereal unicorn pendant that casts Lightning Bolt (3rd level, one time; PHB 255)
  11. whispering devils claw that casts Scorching Ray (2nd level, one time; PHB 273)
  12. gold monocle frame that casts True Seeing (6th level, one time; PHB 284)
  13. recipe book for cooking with mushrooms that casts Create Food and Water (3rd level, one time; PHB 229)
  14. teacup stained with blood that casts Wither and Bloom (2nd level, 1d4 times; SCC 38)
  15. jar of pickled ghouls’ tongues that casts Tongues when eaten (3rd level, 1d6 times; PHB 283)
  16. coal chalice that casts Hunger of Hadar when broken (3rd level, one time; PHB 251)
  17. potted daffodil that sways near music that casts Otto’s Irresistible Dance (6th level, one time; PHB 264)
  18. tiny electrum whistle that only Fey can hear that casts Summon Fey (5th level, one time; TCE 112)
  19. pocket watch that runs backward for an hour every midnight and casts Time Stop (9th level, one time; PHB 283)
  20. black wooden die with 1’s on all the faces that has 1d4 Luck Points.
  21. brocade choker threaded with silver that casts Entangle (1st level, 1d3 times; PHB 238)
  22. lacquered wooden shield brooch that casts Guardian of Faith (4th level, one time; PHB 246)
  23. linen merchant’s cap trimmed with squirrel fur that casts Remove Curse (3rd level, 1d3 times; PHB 271)
  24. silver shield brooch engraved with elvish script that casts Shield (1st level, 1d3 times; PHB 275)
  25. wooden scepter that casts Globe of Invulnerability (6th level, one time; PHB 245)
  26. dragon horn medallion that casts Rime’s Binding Ice (2nd level, 1d3 times; FTD 21)
  27. porcelain cup that casts Mass Healing Word when used (5th level, one time; PHB 258)
  28. porcelain tile adorned with a dragon in relief that casts Summon Draconic Spirit when broken (5th level, one time; FTD 21)
  29. two yew rings linked and when pushed together into a single circle you can reach in and grab an arrow that casts Flame Arrows (3rd level, one time; XGE 156)
  30. ceramic figure of a cat with too many eyes that casts Fortune’s Favor (2nd level, 1d6 times; EGW 186)
  31. green ribbon designed to be worn as a choker that can be tied around someone to cast Gentle Repose (2nd level, one time; PHB 245)
  32. set of seashell wind chimes that casts Gust of Wind (2nd level, one time; PHB 248)
  33. piece of sea glass shaped like a unicorn’s horn that when broken casts Dispel Evil and Good (5th level, one time; PHB 233)
  34. sewing box with three spools of blue thread inside that casts Alarm (1st level, three times; PHB 211)
  35. iridescent quill that casts Fly (5th level, one time; PHB 243)
  36. finger bone inscribed with runes that casts Augury (2nd level, one time; PHB 215)
  37. dagger carved from a dragon’s talon that casts Raulothim’s Psychic Lance (4th level, one time; FTD 21)
  38. sphere of polished crystal that casts Scrying (5th level, one time; PHB 273)
  39. Small gold statuette set with rubies that casts Continual Flame (2nd level, one time; PHB 227)
  40. pair of ceremonial daggers that casts Conjure Barrage (3rd level, two times; PHB 225)
  41. obsidian statuette with gold inlay that casts Levitate (2nd level, one time; PHB 255)
  42. small gold idol that casts Arcane Lock (2nd level, one time; PHB 215)
  43. gold bracelet that casts Summon Elemental (4th level, one time; TCE 111)
  44. gold ring set with bloodstones that casts Summon Shadowspawn (3rd level, 1d3 times; TCE p113)
  45. gemstones the size of apples that casts Incite Greed (3rd level, 1d3 times; AI 76)
  46. massive geode that contains spectacular blue, purple, and black crystals that can be used to draw a Teleportation Circle (5th level, 1d4 times; PHB 282)
  47. glass bell that casts Thunderwave when struck (1st level, 1d4 times; PHB 282)
  48. colored glass bottles that cast Shatter when thrown (2nd level, 3d8 times; PHB 282)
  49. perpetually warm disk of dark iron that casts Heat Metal (2nd level, one time; PHB 250)
  50. small, worn book of nursery rhymes that casts Charm Person (1st level, two times; PHB 221)


  1. jade statuette of a frog with tiny golden orbs for eyes that casts Druidcraft (cantrip, once/day; PHB 236)
  2. 2d4 feet of Unbreakable String
  3. goblet that, once per day a liquid can spill out creating difficult terrain like the Entangle spell (1st level, once/day; PHB 238)
  4. stick that casts Calm Emotions (2nd level, once/day; PHB 221)
  5. silver ewer that casts Spare the Dying (cantrip, at will; PHB 277)
  6. carved bone that casts Shape Water (cantrip, at will; XGE 164)
  7. embroidered silk handkerchief that casts Mending (cantrip, at will; PHB 259)
  8. blue wooden apple that casts Detect Magic (1st level, once/day; PHB 231)
  9. divine pipe that casts Cure Wounds (1st level, 3/day; PHB 230)
  10. demonic dagger that casts Ray of Enfeeblement (2nd level, once/day; PHB 271)
  11. smokey lamp that casts Darkness (2nd level, once/day; PHB 230)
  12. gold laced silk rope that casts Dispel Magic (3rd level, once/day; PHB 234)
  13. celestial thorny rose that casts Guiding Bolt (1st level, once/day; PHB 248)
  14. unholy twisted figurine that casts Lesser Restoration (2nd level, once/day; PHB 255)
  15. small cloth doll skewered with needles that casts Summon Shadowspawn (4th level, once/day; TCE 113)
  16. diary written in a language you don’t know that casts Comprehend Languages (1st level, twice/day; PHB 224)
  17. tiny mechanical spider that moves about when it’s not being observed and casts Spider Climb (2nd level, once/day; PHB 277)
  18. curved claw from an unknown beast that casts Enhance Ability (2nd level, once/day; PHB 237)
  19. locket with a faded picture that casts Inflict Wounds (1st level, once/day; PHB 253)
  20. coin whose minting date always shows three years in the future that casts Immovable Object on the coin (2nd level, once/day; EGW 187)
  21. Cryptic key that casts Misty Step (2nd level, once/day; PHB 260)
  22. broken dragon pendant that casts Summon Draconic Spirit (5th level, once/week; FTD 21)
  23. glass bottle with a tiny ship inside that casts Control Water (4th level, once/day; PHB 227)
  24. pair of bronze scissors in the shape of a pair of leaping dolphins that casts Catapult on the scissors (1st level, twice/day; XGE 150)
  25. crystal lens made of ivory and gold that casts Scrying (5th level, once/day; PHB 273)
  26. ornate razor that casts Ice Knife (1st level, once/day; XGE 157)
  27. nunchaku sized for a pixie that casts Spiritual Weapon (2nd level, once/day; PHB 278)
  28. pair of thimbles that let you cast Scrying on the other (5th level, once/day; PHB 273)
  29. flowery earthenware bowl that casts Healing Word when used (3rd level, once/day; PHB 250)
  30. steel mask that casts Invisibility when worn (2nd level, once/day; PHB 254)
  31. leather bracer set with a garnet that casts Mage Armor (1st level, once/day; PHB 256)
  32. pair of scrimshaw cufflinks that cast Water Walk (3rd level, once/day; PHB 287)
  33. black bird-shaped mask, trimmed with glowing green thread that casts Disguise Self (1st level, once/day; PHB 233)
  34. tin whistle that casts Hypnotic Pattern (3rd level, once/day; PHB 252)
  35. pair of eight-sided dice carved from ice that doesn’t melt and casts Ice Knife (1st level, once/day; XGE 157)
  36. tarnished brazier with pleasant-smelling ash that casts Create Bonfire (cantrip, at will; XGE 152)
  37. crude flute that casts Charm Person when played (1st level, once/day; PHB 221)
  38. small mirror set in a wooden frame that casts Mirror Image (2nd level, once/day; PHB 260)
  39. eye patch with a mock eye set in blue sapphire and moonstone that casts Locate Object (2nd level, once/day; PHB 256)
  40. brass mug with jade inlay of an owl that casts Enhance Ability (Owl’s Wisdom) when used (2nd level, once/day; PHB 237)
  41. gold jewelry box with platinum filigree that casts Immovable Object only on the box (2nd level, once/day; EGW 187)
  42. bronze crown that casts Detect Thoughts (2nd level, once/day; PHB 231)
  43. bejeweled ivory drinking horn with gold filigree that casts Legend Lore by drinking from it. recharges after being cleaned and stored in its carrying case for 1d4 days (5th level, once/1d4 days; PHB 254)
  44. crystal singing bowl etched with mantras in Gith, accompanied by an inlaid wooden mallet that casts Silence when played (2nd level, once/day; PHB 275)
  45. large mirror in a frame studded with gemstones that casts Scrying on its twin (5th level, once/day; PHB 273)
  46. heavy cloak of shimmering blue scales that casts Mirror Image (2nd level, once/day; PHB 260)
  47. aquatic howdah made of sharkskin that casts Tenser’s Floating Disk (1st level, once/day; PHB 282)
  48. jeweled cloak pin that casts Disguise Self (1st level, once/day; PHB 233)
  49. metal egg that unfolds into a lotus-like flower and casts Thorn Whip (cantrip, at will; PHB 282)
  50. oversized monocle that casts See Invisibility (2nd level, once/day; PHB 274)

Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments.

Find the original article here: https://slyflourish.com/relics.html

As always, good luck with your next session. I believe in you. See you in the future!

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