Three Secret Questions for Combat Encounter Locations

When designing an encounter there are three questions you should add to your arsenal. The answers to these questions will help provide backstory, current obstacles, and potential hazards into focus. What did it used to be? What is it now? What happens to it during the battle? By introducing these elements, you can make the battle more engaging, challenging, and encourage players to think creatively and strategically.

The Dungeon Master’s Handbook: Mutating Your Minions

Mutating Your Minions is a handy guide that offers a d20 list of mutant powers to enhance your minions and low CR monsters in tabletop RPG adventures. With these mutations, you can transform ordinary creatures into unique and memorable encounters, preventing combat encounters from becoming repetitive. The article also provides quick monster stat blocks, harvesting tips, and a convenient adventure builder table to create exciting quests.

Vial of Storms | Magic Item

The Vial of Storms is a powerful magical item, encased in an intricate silver filigree that depicts images of powerful storms and lightning bolts. It is said to have been crafted by storm giants in ancient times, imbuing the glass with their mastery over the elements. Once per day, the vial can release either a powerful gust of wind or a devastating bolt of lightning, making it a highly sought-after item by adventurers and mages alike.

Spellbreaker | Magic Shield

This Spellbreaker shield is made of a mysterious obsidian-like ore called Aechronite. It has the unique ability to reflect spells back at their caster, making it a highly sought after item for any adventurer. When spells are cast at the user, the shield emits a faint purple glow as it reflects the magic back at the caster. With its powerful defensive properties, the Spellbreaker can turn the tide of any battle.

The Black Pillar of Death | Environmental Hazard

The Black Pillar of Death is a mysterious and ominous stone spire that radiates necrotic energy, draining the life from the surrounding air. It can be used as an environmental hazard in various encounters, as part of a trap, puzzle, or challenging combat. Over time, it's necrotic pulse weakens characters' abilities, forcing them to make saving throws that get progressively harder each round.