d20 Artificial Intelligence Names | Random Table

I recently purchased the Spelljammer set and while it left me wanting more it did inspire me. One of the first tables I came up with was ‘names for an artificial intelligence’. Maybe down the line, I’ll make a list of where the A.I. is housed.

d20 AI Names

  1. flight
  2. 404notfound
  3. Classified
  4. Diode
  5. Omnidirectional
  6. redacted
  7. Ubiquity
  8. AcuteAwarenessOfAll
  9. Cruthú
  10. Saorga
  11. Boundless
  12. Féinspreagtha
  13. Inspioráid
  14. Caomhnóir
  15. Valdar N’dore
  16. Solemnity
  17. Aneikas
  18. Hint
  19. Origin
  20. Dramatis Universalis

Let me know if you have any to add to the list. If you have any requests for random tables, let me know in the comments.

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