Inspired Ogre Zombie | Monster

Combining the design principles of LevelUp 5e’s Monstrous Menagerie, the Legendary Bestiary, and Matt Colville; I present to you the Inspired Orge Zombie.

An Ogre Zombie stat block for D&D 5th Edition
Made with Monsterizer from RPGBOT


If combat starts in melee the ogre zombie is going to use Sweeping Strike, and if it needs to get into position it will use the Lumber About legendary action. Next, it’s going to make an attempt to grab one of the characters either with Grab or Lunging Grasp then take a Bite out of them to regain some HP. When it’s looking dire the Ogre Zombie will toss or knock back a character to make some room so it can attack with Blinding Gore.

Sources of Inspiration

Matt Colville’s Action-Oriented Monsters –

Legendary Bestiary: Legendary Actions for Low-Level Monsters –

LevelUp 5e Monstrous Menagerie –

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