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Need a quick mook for an encounter? Here’s one that scales easily. All you need are a few dice.

Instructions. Each goon starts with this generic stat block:

AC 13. HP 13 (3d6+3). Attack (Melee), Attack (Ranged), +4 to hit, 4 damage (1d6+1).

Use the following tables to determine some attributes and customize the goons. Roll once, or choose once, for each category. Samples are provided at the end as well as a way to scale them up per tier in D&D fifth edition.

1d4 combat role. controller, defender, lurker, skirmisher.

1d6 type. cultist, skeleton, goblins, pixies, robot, wolf.

1d8 special ability. stealth, magic resistance, disengage, pack tactics, burrowing, spider-climb, fly, damage immunity (1d6. fire, acid, cold, bludgeoning, piercing, slashing).

1d10 melee. slam, short sword, claw, bite, club, handaxe, maul, dagger, fist, scimitar.

1d12 range. dagger, bow, dark bolt, fire breath, rock, crossbow, javelin, spit acid, poison dart, mind strike.

1d20 description. scarred, dirty, rash, judgmental, clumsy, hostile, meek, eager, witty, repulsive, fiery, pious, aloof, clever, short, envious, noisy, petty, surly, attractive.

a D&D monster stat block made with rpgbot monsterizer
Made with Monsterizer by RPGBOT


Short Robot Controller. AC 13. HP 13 (3d6+3). Slam (M), Spit Acid (R), +4 to hit, 4 damage (1d6+1). Burrowing.

The Controller Goon is going to attempt to move enemies around the battlefield and put them on their back foot. Crowd control is the name of the game here using difficult terrain and adverse effects.

Meek Cultist Skirmisher. AC 13. HP 13 (3d6+3). Scimitar (M), Dark Bolt (R), +4 to hit, 4 damage (1d6+1). Disengage.

The Skirmisher Goon will weave its way through the melee in search of the squishy in the back. A large battlefield with lots of cover is the best terrain for a skirmisher.

Clever Wolf Lurker. AC 13. HP 13 (3d6+3). Bite (M), Poison Dart (R), +4 to hit, 4 damage (1d6+1). Stealth.

The Lurker Goon will hide in the shadows and attack their opponents when they get the chance. Ambushing targets and getting back into hiding while making them difficult to target.

Noisy Skeleton Defender. AC 13. HP 13 (3d6+3). Short Sword (M), Bow (R), +4 to hit, 4 damage (1d6+1). Damage Immunity: Piercing.

The Defender Goon is on the front lines and takes damage so others don’t have to. Defenders love narrow choke points and absorbing damage for weaker

For Higher Levels

Tier 2: AC 14. HP 27 (6d6+6). 2 attacks, Attack (Melee), Attack (Ranged), +4 to hit, 8 damage (2d6+1).

Short Robot Controller. AC 14. HP 27 (6d6+6). 2 attacks, Slam (M), Spit Acid (R), +4 to hit, 8 damage (2d6+1). Burrowing.

Tier 2 bumps up the average damage per round to 16 per goon.

Tier 3: AC 14. HP 36 (8d6+8). 3 attacks, Attack (Melee), Attack (Ranged), +5 to hit, 10 damage (2d6+3).

Meek Cultist Skirmisher. AC 14. HP 36 (8d6+8). 3 attacks, Scimitar (Melee), Dark Bolt (Ranged), +5 to hit, 10 damage (2d6+3). Disengage.

Tier 3 sees the DPR jump up to 30.

Tier 4: AC 15. HP 45 (10d6+10). 4 Attacks, Attack (Melee), Attack (Ranged), +6 to hit, 13 damage (3d6+3). 2 special abilities.

Clever Wolf Lurker. AC 15. HP 45 (10d6+10). 4 attacks, Bite (M), Poison Dart (R), +6 to hit, 13 damage (3d6+3). Stealth. Disengage.

Tier 4 goons could average up to 52 per round if they land all 4 attacks.

a D&D stat block made with RPGBOT monsterizer, fifth edition

Extra Options.

Death Flare: explodes at 0 HP, all within 5ft dex save 13 vs 1d6 damage. Increase the distance, saving throw, and damage by 1 for each tier.

1d6 Magic Items. healing potion, alchemists fire, wand of magic missiles, brooch of flying, a ring of jumping, +1 weapon.

1d8 AOE Attack. fog cloud, frightening gaze, darkness, sickening aura, thunderwave, spirit guardians, faerie fire, fireball

Minion Rules and Cleave Thru. Minions use minimum HP as a damage threshold, 6 HP at tier 1 and 12 HP at tier 4 for example. If the attack deals damage equal to or greater than the damage threshold the minion drops to 0 HP. If the damage is less than the damage threshold the minion takes no damage. If the damage is greater than the threshold any leftover damage may be applied to a nearby minion.

Example: 5 tier 1 minions with a minimum HP of 6. A successful attack deals 16 damage, dropping two minions to 0 HP, with 4 damage leftover being absorbed by a third minion leaving 3 minions with a 6 HP threshold.

Super Horde. This is for when you want to use a ton of minions against a group of powerful PCs. Each minion has 1 HP and however much damage is dealt to the horde that’s how many minions are killed by the attack.


This zip file has Monsterizer Stat Blocks for each tier, generic, and examples. Also includes text files with the JSON for the Monsterizer Import/Export function. If you want to make your own stat block with the Monsterizer using these details just take one of the generic or example files, import it into Monsterizer, and add the details. Be sure to export the new PNG and JSON data when you are done!

Feel free to add or change any of the options here. This is just a starting point. Other types of creatures or even weapons could be swapped out. The only limit is your imagination!


Battle Maps. If you are looking for a map to use with these goons I always have good luck using maps from Dyson Logos. I highly suggest the following two maps. A couple waves of goons with a big one at the end with a couple minions to help is a good start.


Stealth. The goon can use a bonus action to Hide.

Magic Resistance. The goon has advantage on saving throws versus spells and magical effects.

Disengage. The goon can use a bonus action to disengage.

Pack Tactics. The goon has advantage on melee attacks when attacking an enemy within 5 feet of an ally.

Burrowing. The goon can move underground at their normal speed.

Spider-Climb. The goon can climb walls and ceilings with no penalty or ability check.

Fly. The goon can fly at their normal speed.

Damage Immunity. The goon takes no damage of a selected type (1d6. fire, acid, cold, bludgeoning, piercing, slashing).

Is there anything you think should be added to the options? Leave any questions or requests in the comments below.

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