d20 Pet Names

Roll a d20 and let me know what you got in the comments!

  1. Harvest, a brave and carefree red and white Irish setter
  2. Blossom, a reserved and ignorant golden-doodle
  3. Rosie, a wide-eyed and mischievous Labrador
  4. Punchy, the humorous but greedy turtle
  5. Chili, the friendly and vain dachshund
  6. Willow, the cautious but enthusiastic greyhound
  7. Larry, the brave and ambitious cat
  8. Popcorn, the shifty and greedy chicken
  9. Julio, the cheery but ignorant donkey
  10. Glissinda, the roisterous and optimistic squirrel
  11. Jolene, the worried and loving llama
  12. Truffle, the sly and suspicious pig
  13. Juniper, the optimistic and soft-spoken brindle horse
  14. Brothers Gizmo (paranoid and friendly) and Cozmo (ambitious and suspicious)
  15. Charles, the greedy and brazen schnauzer
  16. Twins Ginger (superior and ignorant) and Otis (loyal and wise), cocker spaniels
  17. Roberta, the brash but well-spoken turkey
  18. Fernando, the opportunistic and greedy houseplant
  19. Pumpernickel, the ignorant and reserved flying squirrel
  20. Lemon, the carefree and cheery duck

Make your NPCs stand out with a pet. Roll a d20 or choose your own.
This work features art by Dean Spencer

Drop your requests for ttrpg homebrew magic items, monsters, or random tables in the comments below.

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