#Dungeon23 – Week 2

Each week I will be posting my progress in creating the dungeon, NPCs, lore, and the surrounding area. My version of #Dungeon23 is to make progress every day. Most days that will mean a room description or using a dice drop to generate a floor or section of the dungeon. Other days will include adding lore, NPC, and other descriptions needed to fill out the document to my satisfaction. The blog post each week will be a copy-and-paste directly from my google doc. My hope is to show how this dungeon and area evolves over the year.

Previous Entries. Week 1.

**for the original post on Dungeon23 see the post on Sean McCoy’s blog https://seanmccoy.substack.com/p/dungeon23

**for a list of resources for Dungeon23 see https://itch.io/blog/462261/dungeon23-resources

Cover and spot art by Perplexing Ruins, I highly suggest you check out their Patreon. Maps are made with Dungeon Scrawl.

A pair of adventurers head cautiously into a stone archway.

Deep in the Kyusoku Mesa hides the ancient vault of ‘Vaelving Gamles’ which holds a fabled warhammer with the power to unite the local tribes. A deep scar carves a wedge into the middle of the mesa. A lush jungle covers the scar and other portions of the mesa. The rest is an unforgiving desert. The tribes of the Resu’suteppu have called this area home for centuries.

The ancient vault was built centuries ago by the local stone giants to protect (and hide) their most sacred possessions. Long after the giants abandoned the vault local tribes of elves used parts of the upper floors as an emergency shelter in times of need. Most recently it has been the focus of a foreign War Priest (with claims of local blood) to find the fabled warhammer Endbringer, and unite, and rule, the tribes of the mesa once and for all. 

Hook: A retired general is hiring adventurers to map the halls of Vaelving Gamles.

Hook: A foreign War Priest is paying anyone who brings them magic items from the depths of the vault.

The town of Unrock provides many accommodations for the locals and the many adventurers that pass through the region.

Topside provides more goods and services to the area and is more affluent than Unrock.

General Features

The vault of Vaelving Gamles is made up of a combination of smooth, worked stone and hand-hewn stone, with the occasional natural tunnel or cavern. Some areas have exceptional architectural features that are noted in the text.

Ceilings. Built to accommodate many types of giants, the room ceilings are at least 35 feet at the least and as high as 50 feet in the more important spaces. Ceilings in hallways are approximately 40 feet in height. 

Doors. Locked wooden doors require a successful DC 20 Dexterity check with thieves’ tools or a key found on the same floor.

Light. Large scones can be found in most rooms and hallways. Whether they are lit is another question.

The Giant Archway, Vkhod Arku, Floor 1

Wandering Monsters. Check for wandering monsters if the players move to a new area, make a lot of noise, spend too much time in one area, or at the dungeon master’s discretion. Also, an encounter can occur at the dungeon master’s discretion without a roll. Check for wandering monsters by rolling a d20. On a roll of 17-20, an encounter takes place. Roll a d6 and consult the wandering monsters table. On a 20, roll twice on the table.

11d4 + 2 Giant Rats
21 d4 + 2 Giant Centipedes
31d4 + 2 Skeletons
42d4 Goblins
51d6 Kobolds
61 Grey Ooze
Wandering Monsters Table Floors 1 & 2
  1. The Vkhod Arku

A giant archway built into the mesa holds an alcove that nature re-claimed long ago. Faded murals dedicated to the giant god Annam All-Father. Small scripts in ancient elvish provide directions beyond the stone doors. Two giant-sized stone doors require a successful DC 13 Strength (Athletics) check to open. There is a chance this room is occupied. 1d6: 1d4 kobolds and 1 giant goat; 1d4 kobolds; 1 giant goat; nothing; Spy, Priest, Knight fighting 1d4 kobolds; Spy, Priest, Knight resting after a bad fight.

  1. Armory

Rotten wood, cobwebs, and rusted weapons lie scattered around. More elven writing marks the two doors. The south corner of the room ceiling has collapsed causing the floor to rise to a ledge in the corner. In the north corner, Goblins and Kobolds are fighting each other over some treasure. In the south corner of the room, a Goblin Boss and a couple Goblins are harrying an adventurer perched on the ledge protecting a large chest. The Scout cries for help as soon as they see the characters. Treasure. 210 sp, 80 gp, black velvet mask, gold vestments, a potion of climbing, a dust of dryness, and a key to the stairwell in room 4.

  1. Antechamber

The floor is partially collapsed in the southeast corner. Several Kobolds are attempting to dig through to access a room 4 floors below. They rigged an old well to be a hidden pit trap that fills with poisoned water over 1 minute. A successful DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check discerns an absence of foot traffic over the section of the floor that forms the pit’s cover.

  1. Main Stairwell

This main stairwell room was originally used as a staging area for going deeper into the vault. Touching any of the small doors causes the character to take 1d10 poison damage and must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned for 1 hour. There is a chance this room is occupied. 1d6: goblins, empty, kobolds, empty, adventurers, empty. 

  1. Guard Room

The heavy stone door is slightly ajar. Once used as a base for the guards of the vault now the room serves as a camp for adventurers. Written on the wall are instructions on how to seal the room from the inside for safety. An almost empty wooden cask holds travel rations and waterskins. Attached inside is a parchment with dates written on it indicating when the rations were last restocked.

  1. Empty Vault

The secret door to this chamber was found long ago and was fully pillaged shortly after. All that remains are scraps of broken storage and furniture that have been used here over the centuries. There is a chance that the room is occupied. 1d6: goblins, empty, empty, empty, empty, kobolds.

  1. Fake Barracks

This chamber is set up like a small barracks but is a trap to thwart intruders. As soon as the characters enter the room scything blades emerge from the ceiling and walls. DC 11 to detect the trap and the same DC to disable the trap via a panel in the doorway. Each creature in the doorway must make a DC 11 Dexterity saving throw, taking 5 (1d10) slashing damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. A mimic disguises itself as a fancy door with no traps. The room guards a chest containing a bag of gems (tiger eye, 2 rhodochrosite, 3 moss agate, malachite, lapis lazuli, 3 hematite, and azurite), a scroll of greater restoration, a scroll of protection (undead), and a potion of frost giant strength

The Giant Archway, Vkhod Arku, Floor 2

  1. Cistern

Many kobolds and a couple goblins fight over the water contained in the cistern. The kobolds are looking for the goblin who sabotaged their water supply. The goblins are fleeing a bad situation with their tribe. Part of the ceiling has collapsed creating partial cover and difficult terrain. A secret door in the southwest corner reveals a secret staircase that goes up and down one floor each.

  1. Audience Chamber

Three tiers separate this room. Some furniture still lingers in the far east corner where a historical text can be found in an unknown language (ancient giant). A secret door in the far west corner leads to a hidden hallway. A rotten skeleton can be found in the secret hallway with 6 gp, a dead mouse, a page torn from a spellbook, and a ring of iron keys.

  1. Goblin Museum

What was once a torture chamber in ages past has been turned into a gallery for some of the goblin clans’ prized possessions. Ancient slabs of stone are now pillars for trinkets. 1d4 + 1 Goblins are making simple repairs to some furniture and cleaning up after a scuffle with some kobolds. The goblins are willing to help the PCs in exchange for wealth of any kind. Among the items on the pillars are a small mirror set in a painted frame, a giant gold locket, a silver pitcher, a black velvet mask, a potion of animal friendship, and a potion of greater healing.

  1. Goblin Game Room

The Goblins turned this old barracks into a game room. Broken wood, scraps of fabric, and a makeshift toy ball lay scattered about amongst odd markings on the floor and walls. A fancy painting depicts a small black line emanating a shaded blend of reds, oranges, and yellows. When touched a wall of force is created splitting the room in half. Any attacks made by magic weapons bounce off and cause 1d6 force damage on the wielder. Normal weapons and physical attacks do damage as normal. The force wall disappears after it takes 10 total damage.



Spy, Priest, Knight

Adventuring group that can be found from time to time in the vault or general area. 


Adventurer lost from her party.

Goblin Tribe

Kobold Tribe

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