Snake Knife | Simple Weapon

Snake Knife

Weapon (dagger), uncommon

Simple weapon (dagger), melee weapon, 1d4 piercing – finesse, light, thrown (20/60 ft.)

This simple-looking dagger appears to be made of ordinary steel, but when thrown and it makes contact with a surface, it transforms into a venomous snake. The snake will remain for 1 minute before turning back into a dagger, or until it is killed. The snake will automatically attack the nearest creature to it.

Venomous Snake. 12 AC. 2 HP. Bite (melee), +5 to hit (1d4 piercing + 1d4 poison damage).

Optional. Can only be attuned to a creature that speaks the Yuan-ti language.

Adventure Hook. A Yuan-Ti Pureblood has been hired to track down an item currently in the players’ possession. The Snake Knives are a favorite weapon of the assailant.

Pathfinder 2e. The Snake Knife has the following traits: Agile, Finesse, Thrown 10ft., Versatile S, Bulk L.

Description of a magic item for Dungeons & Dragons that is a dagger that turns into a snake.
art by perplexing ruins and dean spencer.

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