The Three Secret Weapons to Making Your D&D Party Unbeatable

Every adventuring party has many roles that need to be filled. We all know about the tank, the glass canon, and the face. But I think these three are even more important to make sure everyone has a good time come gameday. Ideally, these jobs are done by someone other than the dungeon master. This way the DM can focus on running a great session instead of wrangling everyone’s schedule or keeping track of the party’s inventory.

Adventurers, volunteer for these important positions during your next game session.

The Snack Captain is in charge of food and drinks for the tabletop roleplaying session.

Snack Captain

Arguably the most important hero in the party besides the dungeon master is the one who brings the food and drinks. Light snacks of nuts or chips are great as well as organizing a whole meal like pizza or burgers. A snack break is a great way to provide a break in the session preventing burnout during longer sessions. Over time, this can be a creative endeavor with themed snacks or drinks that are tied into the game. Think fun drinks during a festival, fancy food served at a celebratory feast, or a holiday being celebrated. Don’t be afraid to tell the players to bring certain items for creative, or dietary, reasons.

Schedule General

Another important figure at the (virtual) table is the one who can schedule the sessions and herd the cats…I mean players to the table come game night. Do your game master a favor and put one of the players in charge of checking in with everyone about attending the next session. Make sure to establish the minimum number of players needed to run a game and stick to it. The time and energy saved can be put towards prepping an awesome session. Don’t underestimate the player’s investment that can be fostered by having them be in charge of scheduling.

Noble Notetaker

Having a player on the other side of the screen who takes notes can be immensely helpful over the course of a long-term campaign. Not only will it help the players remember key details but it can also keep everyone on the same page. Notes help prevent confusion and misunderstanding by helping everyone recall important details from previous sessions. Even better if they also track the party inventory. Having a notetaker in the adventuring party encourages player engagement because they will have to be actively listening and paying attention to the game. Do your dungeon master a favor and take some pressure off their shoulders. That way they can put their energy into running a great game.

Players: volunteer for one of these esteemed positions at your next session.

Dungeon Masters: send this article to your players and ask them to be in charge of the snacks next time.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other important positions in your adventuring party.

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