The Best Supplement For Your Session Zero (for any game system)

A blog post on B/X Blackrazor has one of the best supplements that you should be using for every session zero. Use it for your one-shots as well. You’ll thank me, and the creator too.

‘100 Reason Characters Are Together’ is pretty straightforward. Each player rolls a d100 to determine the relationship of their character with that of the player to their right. If the result is not appropriate or you just don’t like it you can re-roll. As with any random table, you can pick and choose your own. Results range from various family members, former lovers, or even apprenticed to the same master.

If you’re reading this right now our characters are cousins, though distant with a little history (03). The person to the right of you? Yours and their characters met in prison and escaped together (52). Those two rolls alone lay the groundwork for many great roleplay moments to come.

As you can see, using this during a session zero gives your players immediate connections to each rather than randos meeting in a tavern. You can even use this with a few NPCs to establish their player characters’ ties to the world. For one-shots, this table gives a good starting point as the players can get into character while they discover their relationships with one another. 

I printed this out and put it in my DM folder. It’s been used four times so far to great success each time. If you use it leave me a comment and let me know how it goes!

Find the original blog post here.

For the download link click here.

Credit to Jonathan Becker’s ‘The Complete B/X Adventurer.’

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