Fortune | Legendary Weapon


Martial Weapon (naginata), legendary (requires attunement)

+2 naginata, martial weapon, melee weapon, 1d10 slashing – heavy, reach, two-handed

While you are attuned to the weapon and it is on your person:

  • Luck. You can call on its luck (no action required) to reroll one attack roll, ability check, or saving throw you dislike. You must use the second roll. This property can’t be used again until the next dawn.
  • Martial Instinct. Your instincts are honed to that of an ancient warrior so much that you have advantage on initiative rolls.
  • Ancient Memories. You gain expertise in Intelligence (History) checks you make about warfare, armed forces, or soldiering.

The shaft of the weapon was made from an old ebony tree deep in the heart of the Indicar Valley. The naginata features a two-foot-long curved blade at the end bearing the image of a fox head.

This ancient weapon has been carried by many warriors who proved themselves lucky against powerful mages. Whoever bears this weapon dreams of past wielders of the glaive giving the user untold knowledge as if they lived the events themselves. The medallion burns the flesh of the undead and blocks the user from being touched with magic.

Adventure Hook. Rumor has it a famous collector of history keeps the naginata on display in their hidden museum. Another famous personality has put out a large reward to anyone that can steal the great weapon and present it to them in person.

Adventure Hook. Over time the wielder will notice in the dreams a medallion with the same fox head tied to the base of the blade. Further dreams will show the location of where the medallion is being kept: the Museum of Antiquity in the city of Tanei, the Nama Ruda capital.

If you are asking yourself if this is based on a weapon from the Wheel of Time you would be correct. The series has been a big inspiration for me so I thought I would share my version of Mat Cauthon’s legendary weapon, the Ashandarei.

Drop your requests for ttrpg homebrew magic items, monsters, or random tables in the comments below.

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