Doomblades | Simple Weapon


Weapon (pair of daggers), rare

Simple weapon (pair of daggers), melee weapon, 1d4 piercing – finesse, light, thrown (20/60 ft.)

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with these magic weapons.

This rare magic item is a pair of magic daggers and they require attunement. A creature attuned to it gains the following two benefits. On a successful attack, a dagger deals an extra 1d6 fire, lightning, cold, or poison damage (roll a d4 to determine). 

Both daggers return to the wielder’s hand immediately after they are used to make a ranged attack.

The handle features a multi-colored gem that radiants magical energy when striking down an enemy.

Adventure Hook. The players find a map leading to the ancient Tomb of the Silent Death. Traveling to a remote island the players find the tomb is hidden among rocky cliffs in a dense jungle. Inside find traps, tricks, and hungry monsters. await unsuspecting adventurers. In her final resting place, the rogue assassin Silent Death holds her Doomblades close. Any attempts to remove the daggers causes her ghost to possess the undead creatures that lurk in the tomb.

A pair of daggers called the Doomblades.
art by daniel f. walthall

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