Vial of Storms | Magic Item

The Vial of Storms is a powerful magical item, encased in an intricate silver filigree that depicts images of powerful storms and lightning bolts. It is said to have been crafted by storm giants in ancient times, imbuing the glass with their mastery over the elements. Once per day, the vial can release either a powerful gust of wind or a devastating bolt of lightning, making it a highly sought-after item by adventurers and mages alike.

Spellbreaker | Magic Shield

This Spellbreaker shield is made of a mysterious obsidian-like ore called Aechronite. It has the unique ability to reflect spells back at their caster, making it a highly sought after item for any adventurer. When spells are cast at the user, the shield emits a faint purple glow as it reflects the magic back at the caster. With its powerful defensive properties, the Spellbreaker can turn the tide of any battle.

Leyfinder | Magic Item

The Leyfinder is a mysterious enchanted compass that has been crafted to point towards the nearest source of magical energy. It is said that this compass was created by a powerful wizard who sought to unravel the secrets of the ley lines that crisscross the land. With the Leyfinder in hand, one can sense the ebb and flow of magical energy around them, allowing them to track down the most powerful sources of magic in the world.