Qifer’s Left Boot | Magic Item

Qifer’s Left Boot

Wondrous Item, rare

Qifer Step. As a bonus action, you can throw this leather boot up to 30ft to an unoccupied space you can see. You then teleport where it lands in a puff of silvery mist. 

The original owner of the boot Qifer Sparkrest was a prolific scholar and mage. His teleportation magic was so strong that Qifer’s boots absorbed the ability to teleport the wearer short distances.

Adventure Hook. An eccentric collector hires the party to find a legendary magic item called ‘Qifer’s Left Boot.’ The collector believes that it is located in a tomb, deep within a dangerous jungle filled with deadly creatures and treacherous terrain.

2 thoughts on “Qifer’s Left Boot | Magic Item

  1. This is another really clever one. Not game-breaking, just handy and original. If you’re not already planning on it, you should really take the lot of these once you have a certain number and compile them into something to sell on DriveThruRPG or somewhere.


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