Stormstrike Gauntlets | Simple Weapon

Stormstrike Gauntlets

Weapon (gauntlets), rare

Simple weapon (gauntlets), melee weapon, rare (requires attunement)

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon.

Strength of the Storm. When you hit with an attack, you can force the target to make a STR saving throw (DC 8 + STR MOD + PB). On a failure the creature is pushed back 10ft, and on a success there is no effect.

Storm Strike. Once per day, you can smack the gauntlets together letting out a powerful Lightning Bolt spell (DC 8 + CHA MOD + PB). This ability recharges on a long rest.

These solid gold gauntlets are intricately designed with fine swirling patterns resembling bolts of lightning. A series of small gems on the knuckles represents a different aspect of the storm and glow when being used. These gauntlets were said to have been created by the powerful sorcerer Raven Stormweaver, who imbued them with the power of the storm, to protect and aid them in battle.

Adventure Hook. A group of thieves has stolen the Stormstrike Gauntlets from a sorcerer’s tower. The sorcerer wants the return of the gauntlets before the thieves can unleash their power upon the land.

A description of a pair of magic gauntlets for Dungeons and Dragons.

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