Leyfinder | Magic Item


Wondrous item, rare

Appearing as an ordinary compass, the Leyfinder shows faint glowing runes etched into the metal casing upon closer inspection. The needle spins erratically until it settles on a specific direction, pointing towards the nearest source of magical energy. The runes seem to hum and pulse with a faint blue light whenever it detects a strong source of magic. This enchanted compass is attuned to the flow of magical energy that permeates the world called ley lines.

While the Leyfinder is in your possession, you have advantage on Intelligence (Arcana) checks made to identify the properties of magical items related to ley lines and the flow of magic.

Arcane Sight. Twice per day, you can use an action to cast the Detect Magic spell allowing you to sense the presence of magical energy within 30 feet of you. This ability recharges on a long rest.

Adventure Hook. Goblin raiders have stolen the Leyfinder from a museum and are using it to locate and loot magical treasures. The party has been hired by a local lord to retrieve the artifact and put a stop to the goblins’ raids.

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